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More Frequently asked questions


Do you guarantee we catch something?

Although no one can ever guarantee you'll catch something, with our experienced crew, new state of the art boat and fishing equipment, we give you the best chance possible!

What other types of fish might we see out there?

While fishing there are several different types of fish you could possibly catch, for deep sea, along with cod and mackerel, you may also catch different types of sculpins, eels, or even flounder. There's also always a good chance to see other marine life such as whales, dolphins/porpoises, seals and even sharks, especially while out tuna fishing!

Does Off The Hook sail no matter what the weather?

Although it's not very common to be deemed unsafe to sail during the summer season, if safety is ever at all in question we would cancel the trip. Guests would have the option to re-book, or receive a full refund.

Can I rent the boat for myself or my own group?

For sure. We offer the option to privately charter our boat for a flat rate. The option would be yours of who you want to take, and how many people you'd bring along with a maximum of 20.

Is there an age limit for passengers on the boat?

We say it's fun for all ages, and we really mean it.  Whether you're one or 100, our experiences are great for you.

How early should we show up for a trip if we have a reservation?

We recommend that you arrive about 30 minutes before trip departure. This way we can have you checked in, safely boarded, and ready to go at the advertised times.